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Photo 9 of 13Barn Owl Eating (attractive Barn Owel #9)

Barn Owl Eating (attractive Barn Owel #9)

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Definition of Barn Owl Eating


barn1  (bärn),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a building for storing hay, grain, etc., and often for housing livestock.
  2. a very large garage for buses, trucks, etc.;

  1. to store (hay, grain, etc.) in a barn.
barnlike′, adj. 


owl (oul),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. any of numerous, chiefly nocturnal birds of prey, of the order Strigiformes, having a broad head with large, forward-directed eyes that are usually surrounded by disks of modified feathers: many populations are diminishing owing to loss of habitat.
  2. one of a breed of domestic pigeons having an owllike appearance.
  3. See  night owl. 
  4. a person of owllike solemnity or appearance.

  1. operating late at night or all night: an owl train.
owllike′, adj. 
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